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Ready to book your next firearms training class?

Great Instructors

Our professional firearms instructors are NRA and California DOJ Certified, providing top-rated California CCW Classes, as well as providing real-world firearms classes in handgun, rifle, and shotgun platforms.


At ONE on ONE Firearms, we have decades of shooting experience, and we shoot and train with the best shooters & instructors in the world. We regularly update our curriculum with the most modern and effective techniques.

Personal Attention

We believe every student should receive personalized, one-on-one attention.  At ONE on ONE Firearms you will not find yourself lost in a sea of students. We’ll ensure that you get the professional instruction to succeed!


As Northern California’s most recognized provider of professional firearms training, ONE on ONE Firearms provides top-rated firearms and self-defense instruction. We provide real-world firearms training & self-defense classes to students in a SAFE, FUN, and INFORMATIVE learning environment. At ONE on ONE Firearms our driving passion is to educate you before, during, and after your firearms purchase. We always ensure we have the most up-to date curriculum, and our classes are based on real-world firearms training techniques and scenarios. Your small investment in your training with ONE on ONE Firearms will give you the skills and competence to use your firearm with confidence. We provide group and private instruction and always keep our group class size small. Many people, with little experience with firearms, end up at a gun counter making a purchase based on price alone or someone’s recommendation. Often they end up at a public shooting range with no training, and then ingrain bad habits from the start.  Even worse, some will just purchase a handgun, buy a box of ammo, and place it all in a drawer until they hear that ‘bump’ in the night! Don’t let that be you… Contact us today!  


At ONE on ONE Firearms we will do our very best to keep you informed about recent firearms news, upcoming classes, gear reviews, videos, and more…



We are your Central & Northern California CCW Experts, with approved CA CCW Initial-Issue and CA CCW Renewal classes scheduled multiple times each month.



Shotguns can be a very effective firearm platform for personal defense. Learn how to select and setup an appropriate shotgun, and learn to run it, and keep it running!



We offer multiple handgun classes designed for students of all skill levels, using our proven methods of instruction. Learn to develop unconscious competency with your handgun!



“Competition is the single greatest opportunity to inoculate yourself to stress with a firearm in your hands!” We have great classes focused on action pistol and 3-gun shooting!



The AR15 or modern sporting rifle is an effective defensive tool, adaptable to a wide array of shooters and setups. Learn how to setup your AR15, and run it like a pro!



We have a wide array of firearms training classes happening year-round. Take a look at our firearms training class calendar to see our upcoming classes!


Jim P. – Roseville, CA

"Just plain awesome training. I have had a pleasurable time training with one on one on many occasions. The bottom line is, safety fun in excellent instruction. Anybody thinking that they have the ability to…

Philip A. – Elk Grove, CA

"Another excellent, safe, and enjoyable firearms training experience this weekend.  Joe, Sean, and staff are very knowledgeable and competent.  They are focused on safety and it shows with their techniques.  You can tell this is…

Andrew T. – Elk Grove, CA

"First of all, Joe, Ryan and Fred were all very professional, knowledgeable and approachable. Going into this class I had no experience with guns but wanted to learn, and the class served this purpose very…

Nick K. – Sacramento, CA

"Joe and Sean are great instructors with a fantastic focus on safety. Also they have the ability to deliver the information in a way that is easy to digest. They both have plenty of obvious…

Eric P. – Sacramento, CA

"Did my first renewal class today and it was just as good as the first time I took a class with them.  Joe is knowledgeable, provides first rate range instruction.  Most importantly they provide a…

Paul R. – Loomis, CA

"I had a real unique situation due to an injury and surgery 4 months before a re-qualification.  I emailed Joe for advice. He took the time to go over my options by email, and gave…

Virginia G. – West Sacramento, CA

"I had the pleasure of taking a 16hr training course with Joe. He is an amazing instructor! If you are new and want to learn how to properly handle a firearm or if you want…

Ted Welch – Sacramento, CA

"ONE on ONE Firearms offers an outstanding IDPA Primer Course for both novices and intermediate shooters. I have had the pleasure of attending several training courses conducted by Joe Truesdale and Sean Young. Every course…

Chuck S. – North Highlands, CA

"Today I took a private 2 hour handgun training class with Joe we went over all the necessary safety stuff first before we started the training which was an excellent experience. Joe is a total…

Laura T. — Sacramento, CA

"As a wife, mother, grandmother and professional businesswoman, I had some hesitancy about attempting to obtain my CCW permit.  Although I attended the requisite 16 hour CCW curriculum course from another instructor, I knew my…

Luke B. – Fair Oaks, CA

"My wife and I recently decided to obtain firearms and CCW permits.  Having had NO previous experience with handguns and wanting to get good training, we asked our friends who carry whom to go to…

Ignacio L. – Sacramento, CA

"Excellent 16 hour CCW handgun course!  Joe and Sean are the best.  I learned so much from them.  They really stress Handgun SAFETY which is and should always be #1.  I learned a lot  on…

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