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If you are relatively new to IDPA, and want to come out of the gates running, or an experienced IDPA shooter looking to improve on your match standings, this class is for you! Our instructors are highly accomplished competitors in numerous action pistol and multi-gun sports.We’re Master Class shooters in IDPA, and have competed in Regional, State, National and World Championships.We have shot with and trained with the best shooters and finest instructors in the US. Now it's our turn to share those winning strategies with you.


COURSE LENGTH: 1-Day course

COST: $200.00*
*Additional range fees vary from $5-16, and are the responsibility of the student

COURSE OPEN TO: Must have shot at least one IDPA, USPSA, Wild Bunch, or 3-Gun match and/or have an acceptable level of handgun training from ONE on ONE Firearms (Level 2 handgun minimum). Other previous training experience may be allowed at the instructor’s discretion.

Items Covered in This Course

    • Equipment Choices
    • The Rulebook
    • Personalized Skill Assessments
    • Playing to Strengths and Guarding Any Gaps in Skills
    • Accelerated Live-Fire Drills
    • Malfunction Clearances
    • Stage Transitions and Movement
    • Use of Cover & Fault Lines
    • Efficient Movement
    • Stage Breakdown and Planning
    • The Psychology of Winning
    • Dry-Fire Drills
    • Building YOUR Personal Training Plan


Students should bring the following items to this course. This is a competition class, so bring your competition gear, including your match apparel.

    • IDPA legal gun, holster, magazine pouches, and a sturdy belt
    • 3 or more magazines
    • Concealment garment & match apparel
    • Eye and ear protection
    • 300 rounds of ammo
    • A small handheld video camera or cell phone to record video of your performance for analysis
    • Comfort items - chair, plentiful liquids, snacks/lunch, sunscreen, hat, hand towel
    • A Great attitude & open mind!


LOCATION: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center | 15501 Meiss Rd. Sloughhouse, CA 95683

TIME: 8:00A-5:00P

RANGE FEES: We will collect range fees from each student from $5-$16, depending on SAC VALLEY SHOOTING CENTER membership status.

The map shown below is for reference only. Often GPS and maps get directions to this facility wrong! Please refer to directions on getting to the range on the SAC VALLEY SHOOTING CENTER website at

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