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This course is designed for students new to the action shooting sports, and who want to get an overview of the sport in a safe and fun learning environment. The course focuses on International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) rules. Our professional firearms instructors are Master Class shooters who regularly compete in sanctioned IDPA matches at the regional, state, national, and even world championship level.

The course will cover safe firearms handling, firearms safety rules, and IDPA rules. Students will safely draw the pistol, and will shoot stationary, while moving, and from positions of cover. The desired outcome is that each student has the ability at the end of class to successfully navigate their first IDPA club match. Students can test their skills even more at the end of class, with the option of shooting the IDPA Classifier (additional $20) Successfully completing this class qualifies students to participate in an IDPA match with Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters.


COURSE LENGTH: 08:00A – 2:00/4:00P (6-8 hours)

COST: $80
Note: Range fees of $16 are the responsibility of the student, and can be paid directly to your Instructor on range day.

COURSE OPEN TO: Any student looking to get started in action handgun competition, and who meeting the course prerequisites*

Items Covered in This Course:

  • Range Rules
  • IDPA & Universal Gun Safety Rules
  • Muzzle Safe Zones
  • IDPA Membership / Club Membership
  • Guns & Divisions Intro
  • Gear Intro
  • Drawing from the Holster
  • Moving with Your Pistol
  • Reloading Your Pistol
  • Targets & Scoring (See Section 4, Scoring Rules)
  • Range Commands
  • Live Fire Drills
  • Understanding “Tactical Priority”
  • Use of Cover and Fault Lines
  • Low Cover
  • Seated Starts
  • Dairy Queen (The dreaded DQ)
  • Match Participation & Etiquette
  • Stage Briefings and Walk-Throughs
  • Shoot 4 Courses of fire (Stages)
  • Shoot Optional IDPA Classifier After Class (Additional $20, another 100 rounds of ammunition)


Shooters participating in this class should be capable of the following:

  • Demonstrate safe firearms handling and an understanding of firearms safety rules
  • Reload their pistol
  • Safely draw from holster
  • Hit an IDPA official target at distances of 3 - 20 yards with “relative accuracy”.
  • If you have successfully completed ONE on ONE Firearms Handgun 2 course, you will have met these requirements.
  • If you do not meet the criteria above and you are interested in a basic handgun course, contact ONE on ONE Firearms for our Handgun 1 – Foundations class or a private range session.


  • A note pad and pen
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch
  • $16 for the Sac Valley Shooting Center range fee
  • A folding chair (for break time on the range)
  • Semi-automatic pistol or revolver chambered in a common caliber from 9mm to 45 ACP
  • A belt no wider than 1 ¾ inches or thicker than 5/16 inches and must pass through a minimum of all but two of the pant loops. (See 8.4 Belts)
  • A holster suitable for suitable for all day carry, and worn on each stage regardless of the start position. Must be worn on an IDPA legal belt. Must prevent activation of the trigger while holstered. Must carry the firearm in a neutral (vertical) or muzzle rear cant. Kydex is preferred, OWN is best, but IWB is acceptable as well. (See 8.5 Holsters)
  • A double magazine pouch that is worn on the belt.
  • Minimum of 3 magazines (or four speed loaders or moon clips for revolver shooters)
  • Pants or shorts with appropriate belt loops
  • A vest, shirt, or jacket that can be worn as a "concealment garment". (See 8.9 Concealment Garments)
  • Eye and hearing protection.
  • 75 rounds of ammunition (+100 more rounds if you choose to shoot classifier as well)
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water/Hydration, Snacks, Lunch


In order to be best prepared for this class, students MUST download and review the current IDPA rule book prior to class.

  • Download the rule book COMPETITION AND EQUIPMENT RULES OF THE INTERNATIONAL DEFENSIVE PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC. Adopted 10/26/96, amended 01/01/2018. ver 2017.3:

  • Review Current IDPA Rulebook:

    While it is encouraged to review the entire rule book prior to class, pay particular attention to the following sections:

    • 1.1 IDPA’s Fundamental Principles
    • 1.2 Principles of Shooting IDPA
    • 2.1 Cooper's Four Basic Rules
    • 2.2 Unsafe Firearm Handling
    • 2.3 Dropping A Firearm
    • 2.4 Ear and Eye Protection
    • 2.6 Fingers
    • 2.7 Pistol Carry Condition
    • 2.9 Muzzle Safety
    • 2.10 Safe Areas
    • 2.12 Range Commands
    • 3.1 Concealment Garments
    • 3.2 Target Engagement
    • 3.4 Reloads
    • 3.5 Cover and Concealment
    • 3.6 Fault Lines
    • 3.9 Firearm Hand Usage Restrictions – Stage Description
    • 3.11 Responsibilities and Code of Conduct
    • 4 Scoring Rules
    • 5 Penalty Rules
    • 6.1 Stage Categories
    • 8 Equipment Rules



Sacramento Valley Shooting Center | 15501 Meiss Rd. Sloughhouse, CA 95683, then 10398 Rockingham Drive #18 Sacramento (Rancho Cordova) CA 95827

TIME: 8:00A-2:00P (8:00A - 4:30P if you choose to shoot the classifier)

RANGE FEES: Range fees of $16 are the responsibility of the student, and can be paid directly to your Instructor on range day.


Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

The map shown below is for reference only. Often a GPS will get directions to this facility wrong! Please refer to directions on getting to the range on the SAC VALLEY SHOOTING CENTER website at

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