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“I just completed my initial CCW 16 hour classes with Joe this Sat/Sun. I was referred to him by a friend. I was very impressed by his knowledge in all relevant legal areas, ability to answer all questions, interactive manner of lectures with appropriate audio-video presentations. Joe was very professional and respectful at all times while being highly entertaining.  Next day at the range, I noticed the importance given to safety and thoroughness of the preparation to use the range.  We all felt very safe. The ratio instructors/students at the range was amazing!  We each had an instructor at our side monitoring all our motions and keeping us safe.  4 students, 4 instructors, very personalized. Very high bench marks for safety and professional skills, all instructors are remarkable marksmen.  With their help I qualified with  both my hand guns.  All instructors, Joe, Sean, Fred and Ryan are extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient and respectful at all times. I went to 4 other  extensive multiple days training sessions at Front Sight, however, after completing One on One Firearms course, I can make the comparison that One on One Firearms is definitely superior and the customized instructions  second to none. 

To summarize: 

  • Safety 5 stars,
  • Law and all their implications 5 stars,
  • Defensive tactics 5 stars,
  • Range instructions 5 stars,
  • Resources made available 5 stars.
  • Instructor/ student ratio 5 stars.
  • Punctuality 5 stars.  
  • Overall course (2 days) value : 5 stars. 

And think about it: you want the best training when your life or your family life may be on the line, therefore I find exceptional value in Joe’s courses, excellent price/quality ratio.”5-star

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