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As a wife, mother, grandmother and professional businesswoman, I had some hesitancy about attempting to obtain my CCW permit.  Although I attended the requisite 16 hour CCW curriculum course from another instructor, I knew my range skills needed help.  I sought Joe’s services and he came to the rescue, providing me with the one-on-one professional training that improved my skills dramatically (which in this case was to everyone’s benefit).  Now my children, grandchildren and pets no longer run screaming from the room when they see me with my Glocks, and my husband is forever indebted to Joe since he can now sleep with both eyes closed at night.  In all sincerity, I cannot adequately express how much help and guidance Joe provided to enable me to qualify for my CCW permit.  Joe is patient, knowledgeable, extremely understanding and realized how difficult and intimidating this process can be.  He easily conveyed his immeasurable knowledge and experience making me feel at ease during the entire process.   My husband and I are looking forward to continuing to use Joe’s  expertise and guidance.  I would definitely recommend Joe to anyone who desires to learn new gun skills or to improve their level of handgun competence.


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